North-Aire Aviation:
A demonstrated history in flight training since 1973.

Matthew Mintzmeyer, U.S. Navy Veteran, Graduate of the Yavapai College Aviation Degree Program

Lee Taylor, First Officer, SkyWest Airlines, North-Aire Aviation Graduate

Ryan Middleton, First Officer, Envoy Airlines, North-Aire Aviation Graduate

Patrick Needham, U.S. Air Force Veteran, North-Aire Aviation Graduate

I first heard about NorthAire Aviation through my aviation class at Mountain Institute Joint Technical Education District (MIJTED) at the Yavapai College Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC).

It wasn’t long after that when our advanced ground instructor invited us to the company’s open house. While walking around the open house and looking at the aircraft, I met flight instructors and other employees from the company. I told them about my interest in aviation and my dream to be around airplanes and aviators. They must have liked what I told them because they invited me to interview for a summer internship.

My summer “job” became walking in the footsteps of the operations director as I learned about the company and how it works. I have helped with recruiting, flight camps, dispatch, and other interesting projects. There’s always something to do and a place for me to join in.

My internship has allowed me to work alongside aviators, instructor pilots, students, and mechanics, and all the other departments needed to run a flight school and rent airplanes. With their fleet of airplanes and high quality training program, North-Aire Aviation has all I will ever need to get my pilot license and ratings in the aviation field. Everyone is encouraging and wants to help me continue my aviation studies. I will always remember this as the summer my career planning took off.


JTED Student, Chino Valley High School

After receiving my Private Pilot Certificate in Bend, Oregon, I decided that I needed to find a flight school that could help me achieve my goals of becoming a Certified Flight Instructor and prepare me for a career in aviation, in an efficient and cost effective manner.

I researched the major schools diligently and traveled to Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Port Lucile and Jacksonville, Florida to see for myself and speak to instructors and students. From there I traveled to Arizona where I visited multiple schools in Tucson and Phoenix before visiting a friend in Prescott for dinner. The next morning I was introduced to North-Aire, the straightest shooters of all the schools that I visited.

After lots of used car situations, I was overwhelmed by the honesty and integrity of the staff and instructors that I spoke to, with that, my decision was made.

I would recommend Dave Yeley and his team at North-Aire to any of my friends or family interested in learning how to fly, adding a rating or as a great place to work!


First Officer Convair 5800, IFL Group

If you want to get your ratings done right then head over to North-Aire in Prescott, Arizona. North-Aire is a flight school committed to meeting their students’ flight training goals.


Fairbanks, Alaska

When the time came for my son to start his flight training, I knew what to look for in a flight school and I found it at North-Aire. North-Aire has the right combination of aircraft, facilities, personnel, and location to expose a new pilot to relevant and varied conditions and situations while providing good value. With more than 30 years of experience as a flight instructor, corporate pilot, and airline pilot, I am very satisfied with the professional training my son received at North-Aire.


Boeing 777

After months of intense research, in the summer 2010 I decided to take time off my busy life as a helicopter pilot and head to North-Aire Aviation in Prescott Arizona to do fixed wing recurrent flight training. Coming all the way from Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean with limited time, finances and a tremendous course work load, I was able to achieve my goals with little effort thanks to the very professional yet family oriented North-Aire team. I was astonished as to how dedicated this flight school was to making my dream a reality…with even the President (Mr. David Yeley) giving me individual flight and ground instruction!!! I would like to thank the management and staff of North-Aire once more for their spectacular effort towards my flight training and being a professional (former Bristow & Evergreen pilot) I can safely recommend North-Aire as being one of the best flight schools.


ATPL, Trinidad & Tobago

As a former USAF C-130 and Lear 35 pilot, looking for an airline position, I needed a custom-tailored program. I found it.

For any pilot, in any stage of career aviation, I highly recommend North-Aire Aviation, established at Prescott’s Love Field, Arizona.

David Yeley, President, is a sincere people-person who is profoundly aviation savvy. Marilyn Schey, Chief Instructor, is the instructor/coach I needed to affirm my strengths, and blow the whistle on my weaknesses.

My experience with North-Aire led me to a job offer from a solid airline that is truly the perfect fit for me (equipment, personality, and growth plan).


During the past 30 years I have witnessed the highs and lows of the airline industry, and if you are truly dedicated to pursing an aviation career, now is the time to get started! Very soon the airlines will experience a pilot shortage from the lack of trained pilots exiting the military and increasing retirements of current pilots mandated by the Age 65 rule of the Federal Aviation Administration. The professional staff at North-Aire Aviation has planned well for this looming shortage and has implemented a proven professional flight training program that exceeds all others. Having personally witnessed their dedication and excellence, I strongly recommend North-Aire Aviation to lead you to a rewarding career.

America West Airlines B-757 Check Airman 20,000+ Hrs.

I would like to thank everyone at North-Aire for helping me achieve my instrument and commercial ratings in a thorough and timely manner between November and December 2007. From my initial telephone call to my last check ride, I felt very comfortable and confident with North-Aire’s curriculum, pricing, and my instructor (Marilyn Schey’s) methods of teaching. In fact, I could not have been more impressed with her dedication to my progress and motivation to improve herself as a teacher; both in learning from and giving to her students. Being essentially a foreign student (from Alaska), with a very non-traditional aviation background and limited time available to achieve the ratings I needed, North-Aire made my accelerated progress a high priority and ensured I was able to train almost everyday, usually twice a day! Also, coming from a more rural area, the school’s location in Prescott made for an easy and enjoyable transition and learning environment. Prescott is beautiful and the high altitude climate and small town feel were very comfortable. Nearby apartment rentals at the Antelope Inn (in coordination with North-Aire) were both affordable and spacious, and allowed me to live within walking distance of the airport. I would return to North-Aire for recurrent training without hesitation and highly recommend their program!

The next time in the Southwest I’ll be sure to make a trip over to Prescott, AZ, to go flying again with the great people at North-Aire.


Pilot/Wildlife Biologist U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, Alaska

I think the best experience with North-Aire is when you do your solos…because now you’re really testing yourself, you’re really going through a boundary that you never crossed before.


Commenting on his first solo experience at North-Aire

Thank you for being so willing to let my class tour your plane – and so spontaneously! Sitting in a plane and getting the opportunity to hear about it and be so near it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some of my students. So, thank you for your time, patience, and excitement!


4th Grade Teacher Territorial Elementary

My name is Tyler Cross and I am an Embry-Riddle graduate of December 2010. I came to Embry-Riddle in August 2006 to pursue a degree for a career as a pilot in either the commercial or corporate airline industry. At the time I entered college, I had already received my private pilot license, but was told that I would have to be “Riddle-ized” – a sort of refresher course designed for students that already have some kind of pilot ratings. Five months and $7,000 dollars later, I completed the course, learning little more than how to memorize a checklist. To make a long story short, after a year and a half of frustration with the limited availability of instructors, excessive money spent, and overall disappointment with the program, I decided it was time to look at other flight schools.

I went to North-Aire with my father and the staff showed us their facilities and training departments. As we walked around, I realized North-Aire felt not only like a flight school, but a family. I signed up, and was not let down the slightest bit. My first instructor was David Yeley, an Embry-Riddle graduate and chief pilot at North-Aire. After about nine months, I went up for my instrument checkride feeling more than prepared. I passed and received a temporary on the spot. Over the next couple years through my other ratings, I flew with Marilyn Chey and Jason Kopcsak, some of the best instructors a student could ask for. I eventually received all my ratings up to CFI. Thanks to North-Aireʼs great staff and flight training, I haven’t failed a checkride to this day.

I received my tailwheel endorsement from Jason, whose training was so thorough that I sat copilot in a Beech 18 and flew the airplane without brakes. The pilot was amazed at how well I had been trained. I then had 500 hours total time, but needed 1,000 for a regional airline to consider me. Over the year of 2010, I flew around the country almost every weekend and day I had free in order to build time. I flew with Jason to all four corners of the contiguous 48 states – as far southwest as San Diego, as far northwest as Seattle, as far northeast as Boston Mass, and as far southeast as Titusville, FL. Over that year, I put on 508 hours with one of the greatest pilots I have ever known. We flew around squall lines, through icing, over mountainous terrain, into short airports in mountainous terrain, shot approaches almost to minimums at an approach speed of 100-110knots, landed in crosswinds in excess of 35knots, and flew into some of the world’s busiest airports. During just one year I had flying experiences I’m doubtful I would have gotten anywhere else.

I began applying for jobs after graduating, and was granted an interview by Colgan Air (Continental Connection, United Express). I was going up for my first airline interview without a bit of experience. I turned to the staff at North-Aire, who I now considered to be part of my family. David sat down with me in a couple sessions and went over how to act, respond to questions, and what questions to ask. I also went to Jason for a few sessions to go over the systems of the Cessna 340 in order to best prepare myself for this interview. I went into my interview with my head held high because of this and found myself very well prepared. I passed the simulator test very easily, not only because of my flying skills but also because of the variety of flying experiences I had with Jason. Two weeks later, I received a phone call from Colgan Air saying they wanted to hire me as a pilot flying the Dash 8 Q-400. I, of course, ecstatically accepted the offer.

I am currently flying one of the biggest passenger turboprops in the country, which I attribute to my experiences at North-Aire. If I could do my college career over again, I would fly with them from day one. I highly recommend them to any student across this country and around the world. I also would like to give a special thank you to the owner, Justin Scott. Justin gave me an opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot thank him enough for the devoted staff he has put together at North-Aire.

Thanks for the friendships and flying experiences of a lifetime!


FI, Colgan Air, Q-400 FO, Winters, CA