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Aircraft Maintenance

Make North-Aire Aviation your one-stop shop for piston and turbine aircraft maintenance.

We offer 100-hour, airframe, avionics, and general fixed wing inspection and repair. Conveniently located off the Rittaire Ramp at Prescott Municipal Airport / Ernest A. Love Field in sunny and mile-high Prescott AZ, our staff of expert mechanics includes two IAs.

Their combined 80 years of proficiency servicing and repairing multiple aircraft brands and models ensures smart, efficient and cost-effective fleet management.

We service Cessna Caravan, King Air, Mooney, Bonanza and Cirrus aircraft, and of course, single engine and multi-engine Pipers and Cessnas.

We also provide extensive expertise with dope/fabric work and just about anything else related to keeping aircraft in top-rated flying condition.

You’ve invested time and money in flying and purchasing your aircraft.

It’s time to put your “baby” in the hands of fellow pilots skilled in the hows, whys, ins and outs of engines, airframes and flight-worthiness.

Contact us today at (928) 445-8320 or request a quote by using the form below.