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Private Pilot Training

The Private Pilot license is your key to aviation freedom. Time to join the elite club and earn your wings!

Our course is designed to allow you to acquire the experience and proficiency to become an FAA Private Pilot. Imagine flying away for the week-end with your family for a camping trip or simply for a breakfast with your friends. Tired of TSA pad downs? The freedom of flying without the commercial hassle is right around the corner.

What can you do with a Private Pilot license?

There are few limitations applied to a Private Pilot license.

There are no limitations to how many passengers to carry, other than what the airplane can hold. However, most people will fly two- to four-seater aircraft once they earn their wings.

You will also be limited to flying single engine aircraft for now, until you earn a multiengine additional rating. Finally, you will not be able to earn money while flying the airplane. To do so, you will need to receive a Commercial Pilot license.

Unless you also have an instrument rating, which is usually the next step for Private Pilots, you will not be able to fly into the clouds or in limited visibility.

Entrance Requirements

*This course takes approximately 2 to 3 months to complete.